n. Hebrew name

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  • Ramat Hovav — ( he. רמת חובב) is Israel s main hazardous waste disposal facility, as well as an industrial zone, built in the Negev Desert in 1979. The nearest village is the largest unrecognized Bedouin village in the Negev Desert, Wadi el Na am, directly… …   Wikipedia

  • Wadi al-Na'am — is an unrecognized village in the Negev/Naqab Desert in Southern Israel. The nearest official settlement is Beersheba. The village is home to about 5,000 Bedouin that live mainly in tents and tin shacks less than 500 meters away from a toxic… …   Wikipedia

  • Negev — For the machine gun made by Israel Weapon Industries, see IMI Negev. The Zin valley as seen from the site of the tomb of David Ben Gurion at Midreshet Ben Gurion. The Negev (also Negeb; Hebrew …   Wikipedia

  • Negev Bedouin — بدو النقب הבדואים בנגב A Bedouin man and camel in Negev Total population 160,000 Regions with significant populations …   Wikipedia

  • Railway to Beersheba — The Railway to Beersheba ( he. מסילת הרכבת לבאר שבע, Mesilat HaRakevet LeVe er Sheva ) is the common name for the railroad which currently stretches from central Israel to the Zin Factories (Mount Zin) in southern Israel, with spurs to the Be er… …   Wikipedia

  • Атака возврата в библиотеку — (англ. Return to libc attack)  один из видов компьютерных атак, популярных на x86 совместимых машинах и схожих с ними, связанных с переполнением буфера, когда адрес возврата функции на стеке подменяется адресом иной функции в программе …   Википедия

  • Local government — refers collectively to administrative authorities over areas that are smaller than a state.[citation needed] The term is used to contrast with offices at nation state level, which are referred to as the central government, national government, or …   Wikipedia

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  • Unaccusative verb — In linguistics, an unaccusative verb is an intransitive verb whose (syntactic) subject is not a (semantic) agent; that is, it does not actively initiate, or is not actively responsible for, the action of the verb. Unaccusative verbs thus contrast …   Wikipedia

  • XDH assumption — The External Diffie Hellman (XDH) assumption is a mathematic assumption used in elliptic curve cryptography. The XDH assumption holds that there exist certain subgroups of elliptic curves which have useful properties for cryptography.… …   Wikipedia

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